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Welcome to SPACEMAX™ - Setting the benchmark for high mobility shelters.

The SPACEMAX™ line of high-tech, foldable, portable buildings offer innovative solutions for flexible living and workspace needs. SPACEMAX™ can deploy in less than five minutes with plug-in electrical and plumbing systems. They fold and expand with a proprietary, patent-protected wall system that links together air-tight and water-tight and separates external and internal surfaces with a unique thermal-break design.

The benefits of SPACEMAX™ are greater comfort, lower life-cycle costs, ease of transportation, fast set-up time, and massive energy-use savings.

SPACEMAX™ has an extensive range of interior configurations and amenities that suit applications including remote camp housing, construction site offices, military field bases, mobile command centers, refugee camps and more.

SPACEMAX™ is manufactured by Vantem Modular, a company dedicated to ongoing design innovation that will revolutionize the portable and modular building industry. Vantem Modular is co-owned and supported by Vanterra TEM Capital, a leading investor in innovative businesses focused on the better use of materials and energy.

Save money, improve working and living conditions, meet deployment deadlines, protect important technology in the field, and increase productivity with SPACEMAX™. Contact us to explore how SPACEMAX™ can work for you.

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